Benefits of Wall Protection Panels

Gone are the days, when wall protection was primarily used in the health care environment to avoid scratches, marks, dents, and gouges to the walls that would compromise the structure and interior visual. But nowadays, these wall protection benefits are not restricted to healthcare environments. Therefore the wall protection system which consists of wall protection panels, sheets, floor protection etc. are compulsory these days to extend the lifetime of the walls.

It is a challenging decision to decide where to place wall protection in a building. Wall protection system is compulsory these days to extend the life of your walls. Walls and doors are naked. Therefore, dirt, dust, scratches, and marks can destroy your walls.

Invisible wall guard

Wall protection systems include handrails, protection sheets, panels, etc. are used to reserve the reliability and surface appearance that is visible to the crowd where scuffing and damage to the walls are occurring effortlessly. Wall protection consists of everything that is used to keep building looks newer and longer. There are various methods through which you can provide protection to the interiors.

1. Ensure a Hygienic Environment: According to the American Architect Institute the wall finishes should be fissures, open joints and may preserve or permit the passage of dirt and particles. Deflector Shield’s internal and external angles are thermoformed on position, evading the necessity for unattractive corner trims which are potential dirt traps and problematic to clean.

These edges and corners offer a much more hygienic surface than the plastered joints linked with tiles, which need a hostile cleaning regime. These systems are designed with fully integrated system that can be cleaned and maintain easily. These wall protection panels should have No gaps or rough edges, just a smooth, uninterrupted surface.

2. Minimize downtime and closure of wards: Wall protection systems are designed in this way to eliminate the damage risk caused by scratches, bumps, marks and dents occurred from beds, wheelchairs and trolleys. Deep gouges and holes also require regular filling, scraping and painting. This process may take 4 or more days, often demanding the whole wall to be re-painted, producing much disturbance to patient care.

3. Keep it Clean: These wall protection has waterproof surfaces which can be cleaned easily. With consistent cleaning and maintenance using traditional solutions, wall protection systems do not tolerate bacteria to hide and grow. Moreover, these door sets generates a fully sealed room. Now you can clean and wash all the surface easily without lead to bacterial growth.

4. Close the Gap in Quality: In some cases irresponsible wall protection installation causes some serious problems. Tile constructors agree that both water resistant cement and epoxy grouts should be used. It’s not easy to control these systems. With the impervious surface of Deflector Shield’s wall protection what you see is what you get.

5. Graffiti Removal: Graffiti is usually made with aerosols, acids, plastic paints or markers that affect the pores of the surfaces and can deepen up to one cm in the spaces where they are made. Companies dedicated to the cleaning of graffiti have developed a series of products that minimize the effects and facilitate the subsequent cleaning.

Deflector Shield’s Graffiti Removal Services specialists are experts in graffiti removal, regardless of the type of surface and the area. Our graffiti removal service and products are custom made and allow us to clean almost any type of brand, regardless of the surface.

How to protect the exterior with Transparent wall protection

Wall exposed to the outdoors is subject to multiple sources of degradation, affecting its appearance and resistance to decay. It must be protected against water, ultraviolet rays, pollution and dirt. Here are various strategies to keep the wall in good condition.

Transparent wall protection

What is the best protection?

Theoretically, the best way to protect the wall against aging is to put an anti-fungal sealant on the wall and cover it with an opaque paint. This combination offers the best protection against the effects of ultraviolet rays, water, wear and dirt.

However, as soon as the film of paint (the film) cracks or the wall splits and allows the water to penetrate into its mass, the antifungal protection is no longer effective and the paint film delays the drying of the wall. . This then promotes the development of fungi and wall rot. For the painting to be effective, it is important not to neglect its maintenance.

To see the wall

For many people, the choice of wall as a building material and Transparent surface protection for a terrace or fence is primarily a matter of appearance. A product of natural appearance is desired. For this, it is essential to see and feel the veins of the wall, which opaque paint does not allow. To see the wall, it is necessary to use a stain or a simple waterproof protector.

Alkyl semi-transparent stains account for most of the commercially available stains for exterior wall. These are good products for exterior siding, but for floors, the dye is poor in wear and tends to flake off. After the application of several layers, the semi-transparent dye also becomes more and more opaque, finally hiding the beauty of the wall as a painting does, but without its resistance to wear.

In addition, despite the presence of a fungicide in the alkyl dye, it is not a very effective water repellent, especially when the wall splits under the action of the sun. For areas where snow and water can stagnate, such as on deck boards or horizontal railings, it is best to use a water repellent sealant with or without dye.

Waterproof products

The main function of water-repellent sealants, with or without dyes, is to make them impermeable to act against the development of decay. Almost all water-repellent sealants contain aluminum stearates. This product is a repellent for water, it prevents water from entering the wall.

Low-end Impact Resistant Wall Protection generally contain a low concentration of aluminum stearates and paraffin. Paraffin creates a spectacular surface film that bead water on the wall. Unfortunately, it wears out in a few months and then leaves the wall with very little protection. In addition, the remaining wax prevents subsequent applications from penetrating the wall. This type of inexpensive product is of little use in protecting wall from decay.

The best water-repellent sealants are made from linseed oil with aluminum stearates but without paraffin. The result is less spectacular because of the water beadless on the wall, but it is much better protected against water.

These products can be transparent or semi-transparent. Transparent products make it possible to apply several layers without masking the veins of the wall. Despite the application of several layers of these products, they will not form opaque surface film and prone to flaking.

To protect the wall, one application every two years is recommended to facilitate the maintenance and especially so that the product penetrates the small cracks of the wall as soon as they form. For the best Transparent wall protection, you can contact us as we have the wall protection solution, available at best rates.

Add Graceful Flair in your Interior Décor with Best Invisible Wall Guard

Managing a top-quality appearance in the busy facilities is a big challenge. But if your building looks like a ‘war zone’ and you want to get rid of the volume of daily abuse like bashes, dings, chips, gouges, scrapes, and dings, or hand-lettered signs taped to the walls quickly, rely on Deflector Shield™.

Invisible wall guard

Our wall surface protection systems make the great first impression and have been designed to offer the high degree of protection to the surfaces like as walls, corners, doors, corridors or lobbies while keeping in mind the aesthetics of the facility. This made in the USA product uses low-emission PVC-free components. Plus, these graffiti resistant sheets are easy to use, durable, and customizable.

They provide a vital barrier against damage caused by the general flow of pedestrian and wheeled traffic. This innovative tool also helps to minimize the need for ongoing wall maintenance and repair. These Invisible Wall Protection Systems also lower the life cycle costs and enhances the overall appearance of your interiors. They are ideal for all contract environments including education, pharmaceutical, healthcare, commercial offices, hotel, convention centers, airport facilities, retail, and hospitality.

These high-impact polymer sheets are available in the rainbow of colors and patterns to match both overall décor and door finish. Additionally, the peel and self-adhesive stick backing on these heavy-duty panels make the installation process a simple one. These high-impact rigid Invisible wall guards also stop the extensive wear and tear to your walls.

This longer-term saving solution adds warmth along with creating an alluring décor and atmosphere. The best Invisible wall protection panels also increase the longevity of a building’s interiors. The hygienic nature of makes them perfect for use in environments such as pharmaceutical and food preparation.

When it comes to keeping the interior looking newer, it saves time, money, and resources in the long run. These cheap wall protection sheets also act as the first line of defense against the more abrasive and aggressive collisions from light machinery and wheeled carts. So, it is the best time to covert a ‘Wall of Shame’ into a ‘Hall of Fame’ with the Deflector Shield™ offered by Applied Polymer Solutions.

Wall repair is expensive. More expensive than protection

According to a 2013 Proctor & Gamble study, 77% of businesses in the hospitality/lodging, commercial real estate, healthcare, and food service industries reported that they are under extreme or some pressure to keep operating costs down.They also reported that customer satisfaction is their number one overall business priority and that the largest driver of facility appearance/maintenance is fear of customer dissatisfaction. Lobbies, hallways, and bathrooms are customer facing: critical for customer satisfaction. Continual cleaning and a lack of resources are challenges to keep these areas presentable.

wall protection systems

Wall repair is expensive. Beside the cost of labor and supplies, closing an area of your business for a scheduled repair is a paint in the wallet and detracts from the order and cleanliness of the business.

Unfortunately, a repair is just that – it doesn’t prevent the wall from becoming damaged again. It is likely that the repair will need to be repeated over the course of time. Deflector Shield™ continually resists repeated glancing impacts that create dings, scuffing, and small holes.

Cost of “patch, prepare, and paint” a 4-square feet area of drywall:

                            Low Estimate (Harrisburg, PA):                $183.39

                            High Estimate (New York, NY):                 $385.93 

Protecting the same area with Deflector Shield™ costs less than $25, and that includes paying someone to install it! If someone repeatedly wants to pay $200 to fix their wall instead of $25 to protect it, well… they may not be great at math or they may love to gamble.

Deflector Shield™ reduces operating costs while protecting the appearance of a customer’s most critical high-traffic areas:lobbies, hallways, and bathrooms.Operating costs are reduced by protecting surface areas from impact damage that requires continual repair.Deflector Shield’s patented technology also resists stains, reducing the need for and amount of effort required, to maintain clean surface areas.

Prevent wall damage before it happens

Wall damage occurs in a variety of environments from hospitals, schools, offices, homes, and warehouses. Chair rails, corner protectors and door frame protectors are available a variety of profiles and materials. Stainless steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl or combinations of materials are available to match the level of protection that your environment requires and at the same time that complements the decor.

Other options exist for industrial areas like loading docks and warehouses, such as heavy bumper protectors.


Chair rails

Chair rails offer a wide variety of designs, colors and materials for all types of installations, needs and budgets. Time tested and classic, chair rails can add a touch of class to your rooms.

Laminate for wall protection

Vinyl wall coverings can be used for a wide spectrum of uses, from decorative frieze for corridors and waiting rooms, to service areas and protection. These solutions often require additional tools and supplies for installation, and are “semi-permanent,” leaving holes and/or adhesive on the walls or surfaces being protected.

It is very easy to forget how vulnerable doors are to damage by the traffic of people and equipment. Metal kick-plates for doors and other permanent protection methods are available. Some businesses use heavy Plexiglas panels screwed or bolted to doors to protect surfaces.

Heavy-duty permanent surface protection

Heavy-Duty wall protection systems offer great protection from damage caused by all types of traffic. Whether it’s a warehouse, parking lot, cargo bay or any other high-traffic area, However, permanent wall protection systems have some significant shortcomings. The setup and installation cost is significant, and there is a lot of installation downtime for the areas being covered.

These systems are often offered in only a few color choices, limiting the decor and design of a room, hall, or space. With the cost of materials and installation, these solutions are extremely expensive. Oh, and they’re permanent, so you better choose well the first time!

The new paradigm of wall protection

Deflector Shield is the first self adhesive transparent surface protection systems. This system offers ease of installation, virtually invisible protection that allows your decor to shine through, and superior protection. Deflector Shield can be cut with scissors and placed anywhere you need protection – walls, counters, bathrooms, doors, door frames, tabletops… you name it! Our “innovation through intention” approach creates the product and solution that truly meets the market needs and moves the design envelope forward for homeowners, business owners, architects, engineers and contractors.

The systems consist of a layer of high purity ceramic fiber, flexible stainless steel sheet and a matrix of fire resistant fabric necessary to achieve adequate protection and strength. The systems are fixed directly to the expansion joint opening.